This is a re-release of my best work. It was recorded in Evanston, just north of Chicago at the studio of famed recording engineer Jim Reeves.  Musicians featured on this release are the best of the best of Chicago blues players.  You can catch Brother John Kattke, James "Pookie" Young (from Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials), Matthew Skollar, and the late and legendary George Baze from the Muddy Waters band. Rick King, from Rick King's Royal Hustle, is featured carrying the pocket on drums as well.  Tracks 1,2, and 3 are originals that I wrote and 4 is a cover of the classic Ninety Nine and a half (title written as it was originally presented by Wilson Pickett) captures a great moment of fun and musicianship from these artists. I was blessed beyond reason to work with them all.  It is the foundation for the future for me, and I am really looking forward to the journey ahead.

The Return

  • Drop the broken or otherwise unusable disc back in the mail to me and I will send you a replacement pronto. No worries.