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J.C. Clements lyrics have teeth and tell the truths of what it’s like to love someone with addiction, power through the hours to pay the bills, and never let go of your dreams. Ready to release her third album, J.C.’s powerful voice has been steeped in a life grounded in roots music, collaboration with her blues heroes in Chicago, and standing up to sing even when you get knocked down.


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See Her Fall - written by J. C. Clements

See Her Fall - written by J. C. Clements

This powerful song delves into the story of a woman whose penchant for malicious gossip leads to her eventual fall from grace, symbolizing the karmic cycle of actions and consequences. "See Her Fall" is not just a song; it's a narrative woven through the soulful chords of Americana and the honest, raw emotion of Folk Rock. Written and composed by J.C. Clements, the song is inspired by true events in her hometown, serving as a poignant reminder of the impact our words and deeds have on the world around us. J.C. Clements, known for her compelling storytelling and emotive vocal performances, brings yet another masterpiece that resonates with listeners who appreciate music that's not just heard but felt. The song's instrumentation perfectly complements its narrative, with a blend of acoustic guitars, harmonicas, and Clements' distinctive voice, creating an ambiance that is both reflective and driving. "The inspiration for 'See Her Fall' came from observing the dynamics of small-town life," says J.C. Clements. "It's a reminder that when we use our words to hurt others, we ultimately hurt ourselves. This song is for anyone who's ever been on either side of the gossip chain and realized the power of turning away from it." Fans of J.C. Clements can expect an accompanying music video that visually captures the essence of the song, set for release shortly after the single. Additionally, Clements dates booked across the Midwest to bring "See Her Fall" and other beloved songs from her repertoire to live audiences across the country.


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