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J.C. Clements lyrics have teeth and tell the truths of what it’s like to love someone with addiction, power through the hours to pay the bills, and never let go of your dreams. Ready to release her third album, J.C.’s powerful voice has been steeped in a life grounded in roots music, collaboration with her blues hero’s in Chicago, and standing up to sing even when you get knocked down.

J.C.’s musical influences started early in life. Everyone sang together as they did chores in their rural Midwestern farmhouse, with a few guitars and a piano always close at hand. The roots music that permeated family life evolved into inspiration when she heard bands fronted by power-house women like Stevie Nicks, Loretta Lynn, Chrissie Hynde, and Joan Jett. All of this, along with the mentorship of her friend Lonnie Mack, inspired her at the age of 15 to start sitting in with bands around Indiana. Music was not only in her blood, it became a singular focus for the next six years.

By the time she was 21, J.C. had moved to Chicago and was not only “side-man” for blues-legend A.C. Reed, but she was fronting a band called Buzz, co-founded with Frank Blinkal.

Together they released an album and went on to host the blues jam at Buddy Guy’s Legends blues club.

Sometimes dreams are interrupted by other dreams, and J.C. hit the pause button on her music career to raise her children and pour her heart into community work as a teacher in domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, and in Job Corps. Knowing that one day she would return to music, she kept writing songs, inspired by the grit and hard truths experienced first-hand.

That time is now. J.C. is back along with the Blankenship Band, and she brings down the house! Stay tuned for her upcoming album "Hard Hitting Truth for Hard Working People". 

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