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Hailing from the rolling hills and forests of Southern Indiana, J. C. Clements is a captivating female Folk Rock and Americana Blues musician whose music transcends genres to create a unique and soul-stirring sound. Born into a lineage of moonshiners and sharecroppers from Hazard, Kentucky, J. C. draws inspiration from her Appalachian roots, infusing her music with the lyrical truths of mountain melodies, the deep soul of country gospel, and the raw emotion of blues.

J. C.'s musical journey took a transformative turn during her teenage years when she found herself under the mentorship of the legendary Lonnie Mack, renowned as the "King of the Roadhouse Blues." This invaluable guidance laid the foundation for her distinctive style, a blend of folk and rock with a distinct Americana flavor.

A significant chapter in J. C.'s career unfolded during her early twenties, as she spent four to six nights a month for six years performing at the iconic Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago. Immersed in the thriving blues scene, J. C. honed her craft, gaining insights and experiences that would shape her musical identity. During this time she recorded and released two albums on her label Beyond Blue Records. These records feature powerhouse and accomplished Chicago Blues sidemen such as George Baze, Brother John Kattke, Matthew Skollar, Rick King, James “Pookie” Young, Frank Bang, and her writing partner Chris Forte.

After coming home to Southern Indiana, she reconnected with her Folk Rock roots, and released 5 singles, including “Where I Didn’t Belong.” These releases earned her a nomination for Radio Wigwam's Best International Female Artist. These songs, and more, will be featured on a 2024, album release, called “Paragon”. This will be her third studio album, a testament to her growth as an artist and her commitment to authentic storytelling through music. Her songwriting embodies a direct and honest reflection of life, addressing themes such as love for those battling addiction and mental health issues, navigating toxic relationships, and cherishing moments with friends. This album features her co-writer Chris Forte, as well as Chris “Hambone” Cameron from the Mavis Staples and John Mayall projects.

Recognizing the challenges faced by fellow Hoosier artists and venues in reaching their goals for growing their fanbase and show attendance, J. C. founded the Hoosier Original Music Association (HooMac) in 2023. This nonprofit arts organization serves as a catalyst for networking within the Indiana music industry, fostering connections and collaborations. In partnership with Folk Alliance Region Midwest, HooMac is organizing FARMette 2024, a one-day music business conference in Bloomington, Indiana, aimed at supporting artists and venues in their endeavors.

J. C. Clements invites listeners to join her on a musical journey that transcends boundaries, weaving together the rich tapestry of her Appalachian heritage with the universal threads of human experience. In her music, authenticity is the key, unlocking the doors to raw emotion and compelling narratives that resonate with audiences far and wide.

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Radio Wigwam 2024

In January of 2024, J. C. Clements received the great news that she has been nominated for Radio Wigwam's International Female Artist of the year. This is a powerhouse community that includes Spotify playlists, a podcast, and an indie radio station featuring established artists and a platform for unsigned artists. J. C. says "it is truly an honor to be considered, let alone nominated, I am very grateful."

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