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J.C. Clements lyrics have teeth and tell the truths of what it’s like to love someone with addiction, power through the hours to pay the bills, and never let go of your dreams. Ready to release her third album, J.C.’s powerful voice has been steeped in a life grounded in roots music, collaboration with her blues hero’s in Chicago, and standing up to sing even when you get knocked down.

J.C.’s musical influences started early in life. Everyone sang together as they did chores in their rural Midwestern farmhouse, with a few guitars and a piano always close at hand. The roots music that permeated family life evolved into inspiration when she heard bands fronted by power-house women like Stevie Nicks, Loretta Lynn, Chrissie Hynde, and Joan Jett. All of this, along with the mentorship of her friend Lonnie Mack, inspired her at the age of 15 to start sitting in with bands around Indiana. Music was not only in her blood, it became a singular focus for the next six years.

By the time she was 21, J.C. had moved to Chicago and was not only “side-man” for blues-legend A.C. Reed, but she was fronting a band called Buzz, co-founded with Frank Blinkal.

Together they released an album and went on to host the blues jam at Buddy Guy’s Legends blues club.

J.C. began to focus on a solo project which resulted in her self-titled album “Distance” in 1997.

Sometimes dreams are interrupted by other dreams, and J.C. hit the pause button on her music career to raise her children and pour her heart into community work as a teacher in domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, and in Job Corps. Knowing that one day she would return to music, she kept writing songs, inspired by the grit and hard truths experienced first-hand.

That time is now. J.C. is back along with the Blankenship Band, and she brings down the house! Stay tuned for her upcoming album "Hard Hitting Truth for Hard Working People".  (Click here to view)

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JC Clements has a powerful voice that comes from a life of roots music, teaming up with her blues heroes, and standing up to sing even when you're knocked down. She played for six years at Buddy Guy's Legends club in Chicago and releases “Liquid Lunches” which is a tribute to detaching from a hard day's work and enjoying time with friends. The track features Chris Forte (Tommy, the musical and Manheim Steamroller) and Hambone Cameron (Mavis Staples/John Mayall bands)


“Paragon”, the new single from American singer and songwriter J. C. Clements, is an anthem of consolation, of finding light at the end of the tunnel. The title of the song refers to an Indian city, which is located near the artist's family farm. That's good to say because "Paragon" is a message of those who have found shelter and solace with their family during a crisis of substance abuse and addiction. For Clements, Paragon City reminds her that she was born for happiness and deserves to be loved and treated with dignity. Written with Chris Forte, the song carries a sound that unites folk and rock and is set in a melancholy and tension that breathes intensity.

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Warm and passionate singer and guitarist J. C. Clements, now based in Chicago, explodes in her new single, "Paragon" backed by Chris Forte Rocks, who played the lead role of Pete Townsend in the Chicago production of Tommy, who is the co-author of this song. Among hot guitar laps embellished with sudden slides, she tells us how important the link with the place of origin is. Paragon, Indiana is the closest city to her farm and where her heart goes when she needs to feel loved and safe


"Paragon" is much more than just a song; it's an emotional journey that holds the listener's attention from beginning to end. The skillfully constructed chords and melodies create a magnificent harmony that is both captivating and sweeping. With each listen, it is possible to discover new nuances and layers that enrich the sound experience. Furthermore, the artists' ability to convey emotions through their voices and interpretations is truly impressive. This track transcends the ordinary and takes the listener on a unique and memorable journey filled with meaning and beauty. "Paragon" is undoubtedly a testament to the talent and creativity of the artists behind it, and is an invaluable addition to the contemporary music scene

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In the vibrant tapestry of the musical cosmos, the track "Paragon" shines like a supernova. Seamlessly bridging the earthy intensity of rock with the nuanced charm of indie, her audacious blend of genres creates a sonic whirlpool that immerses listeners in an experience both novel and familiar. The controlled chaos of the feverish guitar riffs, paired with the poignancy of J.C.'s lyrics, illustrates a daredevil spirit, willing to transcend norms and delve into the unknown.

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J. C. Clements, a big energy, we definitely love

Paragon trac

The track is solid, just the right amount of instrumentation, not stealing any undue attention. It seems like the artist really found something beautiful in song. It’s simple, it’s rhythmic, it’s tangible. I really liked guitar performance in particular that is powerful and experienced. Good luck with whatever comes next.

Dreamy Paradise

Liquid Lunches 

A really funky track with distinct great vocals

David #Beyondthebridge on Raw Radio

Revista THE CORE de ZE ROCK RADI – Israel

THE CORE magazine of ZE ROCK RADI – Isreal

If She Only Knew Me" - It's a bluesy song with a spectacular sound. The musicians are truly incredible . . .

Music Media

Gritty and Charismatic Voice . . . Overall Great Job

Artisti Online

Truly Top-Notch

Estudio el Papa

The track Paragon offers "killer vocal and an engaging instrumentation"

Os Garotos de Liverpool - Tudo Sobre Música

The introduction already shows an excellent guitarist and then a powerful voice. The track is catchy and brings the essence of good old rock!

Rádio Cult FM

¡Estoy muy agradecido! Gracias por agregarme a su lista de reproducción y por sus amables palabras sobre mi canción. Realmente lo aprecio.


Such a cool groovy bluesy vibe! Deep, but also self-empowering at the same time . . . expressive emotional storytelling, and of course the energetic and fierce indie-rock soundscape with the overall creative song structure! Very cool intermingling between the appealing vocals and lively music. It definitely, makes you chill out and vibe with it deeply with relatable melancholy! Truly a "paragon" production! Loved it!

Oghamyst Music

The song is great and I love the energy of the great vocals, the range is great and the timbre is beautiful. The instrumental has great production quality, great bass and drums, highlighting the beautiful guitar

Only Indie Music

Paragon-  Emotional and beautiful.

Modern Rock Music

A song with a captivating groove, and a very good production


"Soul Pollution" is a captivating fusion of folk and punk elements. The raw vocals and acoustic instrumentation create an authentic, emotional atmosphere. The lyrics are thought-provoking, delivering a powerful message. A refreshing departure

from mainstream music.

Music Evolution

Soul Pollution absolutely explodes as J.C. kills it with some explosive vocal fireworks. And the brief, near psychedelic breakdown that follows and ultimately leads us into the climactic chorus is just the icing on the cake. This is something I can easily get on board with. Good luck with whatever comes next

Dreamy Paradise

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